Inbound Marketing / Web Development

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As a HubSpot DIAMOND Partner, 24-7 implements and manages Inbound Marketing, and offer all the necessary support to be successful by providing strategy, tools, and systems to assist customers. 24-7 also provides a large panel of services including the creation of website, owned media, content, as well as the dispatch of qualified engineers.

To grow our customers business, 24-7’s employees, all HubSpot Inbound Certified, work from the proposal to the website development, and provide optimized content.
We can also support operations for your long-term projects.

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Inbound Marketing Implementation

We design processes to get qualified leads, and to educate them until they become customers. After evaluating the current marketing strategy, and what are the main challenges and pain points, we work with customers to create their buyer personas and to set their goals. 

  • Buyer Persona
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Customer Journey & Content Map
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Lead Nurturing Strategy
  • Smarketing Team Building
  • HubSpot Implementation
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Website Development

We create blog, owned media, landing page, and everything necessary to the implementation of Inbound marketing. We also build brand websites and redesign corporate websites with responsive design.

We work with customers from the proposal stage to the actual creation of the website to ensure we match their requirements.

  • Website Redesign
  • Website Planning, Design, Development
  • Design Planning, UI Design
  • CMS Development (HubSpot, WordPress, Movable Type, Power CMS, Concrete5, Noren, Teamsite, RCMS, etc.)
  • Owned Media, Business Blog
  • Smartphone Site
Website Creation

Content Creation

To be successful with Inbound Marketing, the creation of content such as blog article, ebook, social post, email is essential. Furthermore, we are creating content for the different stages of the persona’s buyer journey.

  • Content Planning, Content Calendar
  • Blog Article, eBook
  • Email
  • Event Coverage, Photography
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Website Management & Reporting

To manage Inbound Marketing, It's imporatant to create a structure. In the case of Growth-Driven Design, KPIs, reporting and website improvement proposal are implemented and reviewed regularly to achieve business goals. In addition, a webmaster is assigned to manage the website.

  • Blog Article Posting, Social Media Management
  • Data analysis, Reporting
  • Improvement Proposal (regular meeting)
  • Webmaster Outsourcing
  • Owned Media Management
Web operation / analysis and reporting